Get to know more about us and be a part of our journey.


Get to know more about us and be a part of our journey.


About Scouto

Scouto is an automotive tech start-up building an ecosystem of Connected Cars. We are an ambitious young company that wishes to change the world with the technology that we develop.
We truly believe in the words of Margaret Mead, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has!", and work diligently to convert our ideas into technological products.
We are a team of 35-professionals ranging from recent graduates to industry experts with more than 15-years of experience.



To acquire a dominant market-share in the Connected Car market and utilize that position to drive the change in road safety conditions.



We want to enrich every car owner's life by providing products and services that make their ownership experience significantly better.

About Spinny

Spinny is a new age used car end-to-end platform in India. By establishing absolute trust & simplicity in transactions, Spinny is bringing radical change to the way people buy used cars.

Spinny presents their customers with thoroughly inspected high-quality cars while making sure the overall process is entirely transparent and seamless. Every Spinny car passes a 200-Point rigorous quality check and comes with a 5-Day no questions asked money-back guarantee. The customers can shortlist a car of their choice from the online platform, and then can visit physical car hubs for a no-obligation test drive. The right selection, adequate assortment, fair & scientific pricing, and assistance in decision making are the core pillars of their business model.


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